How to Switch a Sylvania TV to Game Mode

By Mandy Slake

The Game mode on a Sylvania LCD HDTV is optimized for playing video games. When you select "Game" mode, the TV minimizes the picture enhancements on the image. This allows it to display input from the game with less lag. Minimizing input lag is important for certain video game genres. In fighting games, sports games, rhythm games and first person shooters, a few milliseconds of lag can mean the difference between victory and defeat. You can enable the game mode through the TV's picture menu.

Step 1

Press the "SETUP" button on the remote control to display the main menu.

Step 2

Scroll to "PICTURE" and press the "ENTER" button.

Step 3

Press "ENTER" to select "Picture Mode."

Step 4

Scroll to "Game" using the up and down directional buttons.

Step 5

Press "ENTER" to confirm.