How to Switch to a Go Phone & Keep My Current Cell Number

By April Khan

If you are looking to switch your phone number from your current service provider to AT&T GoPhone service, you are in luck. Many phone companies will allow you to switch providers and retain your number, so long as they are notified before the switch. Changing numbers can be a huge inconvenience if you are using your phone for business purposes, or you may just prefer keeping your own number over receiving a new one. Whichever the case, you can switch to GoPhone and keep your current number.

Things You'll Need

  • AT&T-compatible phone

Step 1

Choose a GoPhone by either going into a store that sells them or buying them from AT & T's GoPhone website. If you have a phone at home that you want to use with your new Go plan, make sure that this phone has the Go symbol on the front, or it must be an unlocked phone. Unlocked phones have no provider emblem on the front; they only contain the name of the manufacturer and the model.

Step 2

Call AT&T to set up your GoPhone service. This must be set up before disconnecting your previous service. If you cancel the first service, you will not be able to use your current number anymore; it will be reassigned to a new customer. According to, the number must still be active in order for it to be switched.

Step 3

Choose Go Prepaid. You can do this by buying a prepaid package (phone, credit and SIM) from participating grocery or phone stores. If there aren't any near you, you may order it online or by telephone.

Step 4

Check all of your text messages and voicemails on the other phone before changing over the service. Once the service is changed, you will not be able to go back and check them.

Step 5

Check to see if your phone was activated. The phone number should switch over immediately. In some cases it may take a few hours. Until the phone is fully switched over, you will still be able to use your previous phone to make and receive phone calls.

Step 6

Slide your new SIM card, into the SIM card slot located near the battery in the back of the phone. If you purchased your phone in a store, you may get a SIM card immediately. If this is the case, do not insert it until the customer service agent asks you to. If you have ordered this service over the phone or Internet, you have to wait for the SIM card to be sent to you in the mail, before you can use the handset.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read your new contract thoroughly regarding the switch, or have the terms and conditions read to you over the phone. There are some pretty stiff penalties to pay for disregarding information stated in your terms and conditions.