How to Sync Your Phone with the Bluetooth in a Mercedes Car

By Neil Edwards

Bluetooth compatibility is an option on many luxury cars, including several Mercedes-Benz models. An integrated Bluetooth module provides hands-free communication without the need for a wireless headset or speaker, and uses the car's speaker system to ensure that calls placed in the car are loud and clear. Models with stereo controls on the steering wheel allow users to control their phones without taking their hands off the wheel.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled Mercedes-Benz car
  • Bluetooth-enabled cell phone

Step 1

Press "TEL" on your Mercedes-Benz' radio.

Step 2

Open the "Phone" menu and select "Phone List."

Step 3

Choose "External Authorization" from the "Options" menu.

Step 4

Enable your phone's Bluetooth connection.

Step 5

Set your phone to discover nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 6

Select your car's Bluetooth module from the list of devices.

Step 7

Select "Yes" when your car asks if you would like to authorize the connection to your phone.

Step 8

Enter a security passcode into your Mercedes-Benz. Your passcode can be any combination of digits up to 16 characters in length.

Step 9

Enter the same passcode into your phone.

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