How to tag photos in Facebook

By Lara Webster

Tagging is the process that links a photo with a Facebook user's profile. Once a user is tagged in a photo on the site, a copy of the image appears in the Photos tab of her profile and her friends can view it. Facebook allows you to tag yourself in any image you are able to access, as well as anyone on your friends list. Respect your friends' wishes regarding tags. If you tag someone in a photo and he removes the tag, don't apply it again.

Step 1

Point your browser to the Facebook photo to which you want to apply a tag. Photos are accessible via the Photos tab just beneath the profile picture on a profile. You can apply tags to your own images, as well as any image you have been given permission to view.

Step 2

Click the "Tag This Photo" link under the photo, along the left side of the picture window.

Step 3

Click on a friend's face. Facebook automatically places a small square around the area you click. The square will only be visible to users who hover their mouse over the photo tag.

Step 4

Enter your friend's name in the "Enter any name or tag" field that appears. Once you begin to type, the website generates a list of friends that match your entry. As soon as you see the correct friend in the list, click once on her name to select her. Repeat the process for each tag.

Step 5

Click the white "Done Tagging" link just under the photo to save the tags.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the same friend appears in multiple photos of the same album, open the album and click "Tag Photos." Enter your friend's name in the "Enter any name or tag" field and then click once on each photo you want her tagged in.