How to Tag Yourself in a Facebook Status

By Morgan O'Connor

When you write a new status update on Facebook, you can tell the world about your current, past or future activities, thoughts, plans and more. Typically, it is obvious that you are included in this information because the status update is coming from you. If, however, you wish to further emphasize your role in the update -- or simply want to give your readers another way to reach your Facebook profile easily -- tag yourself in your status update.

Step 1

Navigate to Facebook. Sign in to your account if you have not done so and if Facebook does not sign you in automatically.

Step 2

Click within the "What's on your mind?" field near the top of your Facebook homepage, in the "Share" section. If you do not see this field, click the "Status" icon in this section to make it appear.

Step 3

Type your desired status into this field. When you reach the point where you wish to tag yourself, type "@" (without the quotation marks) and the first few letters of your name. You should see yourself appear in a list of contacts matching those letters. Click yourself in this list to tag yourself at this point in the status update.

Step 4

Continue composing the status update. When you are done, click "Share" to post it.

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