How to Take Pictures and Video on the iPad

By Cornelius Fortune

With so many features available on the iPad, one of the most popular is still the camera. The camera feature can be accessed either via the Camera app on the home screen in the upper right corner, or from the lock screen by touching the camera icon on the right and pulling it up to reveal the shutter.

Taking Photos

You have three options for taking photos on iPad: Photo, Square and Pano. Photo is the most basic feature: it takes the photo as simply as with a camera. The Square feature creates a grid that can perfectly frame the scene -- it’s perfect for photo-sharing services such as Instagram. The Pano feature is short for panoramic -- with it, you can take a photo an entire wide landscape. The camera takes short sections of the scene and combines it in one panoramic shot. To choose either Photo, Square, or Pano, swipe left or right.

Recording Video

The video feature allows you to record anything you’d like in HD and works in the same fashion as the camera. From the home screen, touch the camera icon and then select Video. You won’t be able to make too many adjustments with the final video, so you need to zoom in to get a better shot if necessary. Pinch the screen and you’ll see a bar that you can pull either left or right -- drag it to the right to zoom in and to the left to zoom out. Once you’re satisfied, touch the red button to record. Touch it again to stop recording.

Getting the Most From Your Pics

Your iPad has several features to make your photos. After taking a photo you can touch the word “edit” and it will give you options to rotate, enhance, use a filter, get rid of red eye, and crop the image if necessary. The Photo Booth app has some additional effects you can use when taking a photo. You can also download third-party apps from the App Store that can add colors, tints, give a vintage 1930s look, or practically anything. Your photos can either be stored in the cloud or emailed if you want to share them.