How to Take the Links off a DKNY Watch

By Gary Wright

DKNY is a brand name for a line of fashion accessories created by the famed designer Donna Karen. A former lead designer for Anne Klein, Karen struck out her own in the early 1990s, establishing a cache brand among college-age youth and opening her flagship retail outlet in New York City. DKNY sells a variety of watches for both men and women. The watches are designed with minimum moving parts are are relatively easy to repair.

Things You'll Need

  • Small pair of pliers
  • Eyeglass screwdriver

Step 1

Determine the amount of links that need to be removed for the watch to fit on your arm correctly.

Step 2

Find the tiny holes on each link. Most DKNY link wristwatches, such as the 3107 model, have holes at the links near the clasp.

Step 3

Using the screwdriver, gently push the pin holding the link bar on the first link you want to remove. The link bar should come out on the other side.

Step 4

Take the pliers and completely remove the link bar from the band. The link band will still be attached to the clasp. Remove the link with the pliers. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for each additional link you want to remove.

Step 5

Gather the watch band and and bring the two sides back together. Join the link bar and the clasp together and, using the screwdriver, press the link bar back into the hole completely.