How to Test Amazon Gift Card Codes

By Christina Riopelle

Slips of paper, plastic cards and online codes: Amazon offers gift cards and codes in several tangible and virtual forms. Plastic gift cards do not always carry an imprint of the initial denomination; so if you find a forgotten gift card in an oft-used pocket, test it on Amazon to check its balance. Treat codes on rumpled paper receipts from a kiosk or gift announcement emails similarly. The Federal Trade Commission guarantees the validity of all gift cards up to five years from the date of purchase for cards without a printed expiration date. As of 2011, the FTC does not stipulate the same for codes without physical certificates or cards, but Amazon guarantees all authentic unused codes indefinitely.

Step 1

Click on the "Your Account" link at the top right-hand corner of any Amazon page. A Login page loads. Enter the email address you registered with and the corresponding password. A page of Amazon product recommendations, selected based on your browsing and purchase history loads.

Step 2

Clear the recommendation page and follow to your account history page by clicking "Your Account" once again. "Orders," "Payments," "Settings," "Digital Content," and "Personalization" sections divide the page.

Step 3

Find the Gift Card heading underneath the "Payment" section. Below the Gift Card heading, select "Apply a Gift Card to Your Account."

Step 4

Type the gift card code into the response box. Copy and paste the claim code from your notification email or input the numbers from the front of a physical gift card.

Step 5

Click "Apply to Your Account." Amazon reveals the Gift Card Balance as well as keeps a running tally of the balance remaining after each purchase. A zero balance appears for previously used codes. If an error message appears, double-check the code for keying errors.

Tips & Warnings

  • Gift codes purchased by Facebook friends appear in your Amazon account as soon as you link the two accounts together. When a friend gives you a gift card, a news post appears on your wall. When you click on the link, the Amazon gift card application prompts you for permission. When you accept, the accounts link and the gift balance applies to your Amazon account.
  • Gift codes differ from discount codes. A discount code offers a certain percentage or dollar amount off the purchase and typically consists of seven to nine letters and numerals. If you enter a discount code in a gift card field, an error message appears. Type discount codes on the checkout screen instead.