How to Text

By braniac

Here are some tips that will show you how to text using your cell phone. If you've never sent a text message before, this article will show you how. If your already familiar with texting please scroll down for some great resources for sending text messages online or through email.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile Phone
  • Nimble Fingers

Step 1

TEXTING 101Texting also called SMS is one of the most popular uses of mobile phones today. Simply put texting is sending a text message to a cell phone from either another cell phone, email or a website. This article will focus on sending a text message from one cell phone to another.***There are several links below which will show you how to send text messages from the internet or email.

Step 2

LEARN THE KEYSTyping words varies depending on what kind of phone you have. There are basically three different keypad layouts for phones; a standard dial pad, Blackberry hybrid, and a full qwerty layout.

Step 3

SENDING A TEXT ON A FULL QWERTY KEYPADThis is by far the easiest method for those who are new to texting. These cell phones come with a keypad that is similar to a keyboard, so you push one button and you get one letter.

Step 4

TEXTING WITH A BLACKBERRY HYBRIDThe Blackberry Pearl has a keyboard with two letters per key. With this configuration you will need to press each key twice to get the second letter on each key.

Step 5

HOW TO SEND A TEXT MESSAGE ON A STANDARD PHONEMost phones out there have this keypad. To get to the letters you want you'll need to press the keypad one, two or three times. For example, to get the letter "c" you'll need to press the #2 three times.

Step 6

LEARN THE SHORTCUTSThankfully, there is something called predictive text which anticipates what you a trying to type. This can take awhile to get use to, but can save you a lot of time once you are use to it. It works by showing you the word or words the phone thinks you are typing in. If you see the word you want simply select it from the list. ***Most phones have this on by default. It can be turned off in your phone settings.

Step 7

LEARN THE LANGUAGEHere are a few examples of the shortened language of texting. Please see the link below for a complete dictionary! * Laughing out loud = LOL * for = 4 * you = u * be = b * your/you're = ur * are = r * talk to you later = ttyl * be right back = brb * never mind = nvm * probably = prbly/ prob * just kidding = jk

Step 8

ADD MEANINGIt's very hard to add emotion to convey what you are trying to send with text messaging. This is where emoticons come in. They are little faces that convey a scene of meaning through symbolism. They are included in the dictionary below, however the most popular are similes such as :);):p and so on.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice really does make perfect with texting. Keep at it and you'll improve.
  • Text messaging rates vary between cell phone companies. You'll get charged per message for both sending and receiving them unless you have a texting plan.