How to Text a Drum Roll Sound

By Melly Parker

Media messaging and data transfer must be available on your phone plan to send a drum roll sound. If it is, upload the sound to your phone and send it in just a few moments. Whatever your reason for sending a drum roll sound via text, it doesn't take much more skill than sending a normal message with only text. Depending on your phone, the instructions may be differ slightly, but all phones send multimedia messages more or less the same way.

Step 1

Download the song onto your phone. Either download it onto your hard drive and do a data transfer with a USB cable or navigate to a website offering a free drum roll sound and download it directly to your phone.

Step 2

Open your "Messages" selection under "Menu."

Step 3

Select "New Message" and choose a new multimedia message.

Step 4

Add the contact you want to receive the drum roll from your contact list. Select "Next."

Step 5

Click to add a sound to the message. Select the drum roll and hit "OK." Select "Send" to send the message to the recipient.