How to Trace a Metro PCS Phone

By Contributing Writer

A number of online directories let you trace Metro PCS phone numbers. If somebody has been prank calling you or your family, you can trace the number and determine his identity. Cell phone tracking services are not available for free, since cell phone numbers are unpublished and unlisted. For this reason, you will have to make a small payment to get results, which will include the owner's name, location, carrier (which is Metro PCS in this case), and more information.

Step 1

Go to a website, such as Intelius, Abika, Phone Detective or Reverse Mobile. All these websites let you trace Metro PCS phone numbers for a particular fee -- between $0.99 and $4.95 as of October 2010.

Step 2

Enter the particular Metro PCS number in the designated field on the website. Enter it in the format: 555-555-5555.

Step 3

Submit the number, and wait a few seconds for the website to search through its database. If it finds the number, it will ask you to proceed with the payment.

Step 4

Make the payment by providing your credit card details. After all necessary details have been provided, the results will be shown to you on the next page.