How to Track an iTouch With a Serial Number

By Mario Calhoun

The iPod Touch now comes with the Find My iPhone feature, which tracks the location of a lost or stolen device using the device's built-in tracking feature. Find My iPhone was previously a feature offered exclusively to MobileMe subscription users, but it is now available for all iTunes account users. Through MobileMe, the iPod Touch's coordinates are determined using the device's Wi-Fi feature to pinpoint its approximate location, and the coordinates are updated frequently for accuracy. The iPod Touch must be registered in iTunes, which links your Apple ID with the iPod Touch's serial number. The device's serial number is displayed in the iTunes summary window when the iTouch is connected to the computer.

Step 1

Touch "Settings" on the iTouch's screen and touch "Wi-Fi." Tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn on the feature, and tap your network to connect to the wireless network. Push "Home" to return to the iTouch's home screen, and tap "Search."

Step 2

Type "Find My iPhone" and tap "Search." Tap the "Find My iPhone" result and tap "Free." Enter your iTunes password to begin the app download.

Step 3

Tap "Settings" and tap "Location Services." Tap the switch on the Location Services tab to enable MobileMe to locate the iTouch.

Step 4

Log in to MobileMe, and click "Cloud" in the upper-left corner of MobileMe. Click "Find My iPhone" and enter your account password. Click "OK" to access the Find My iPhone section.

Step 5

Click the iPod Touch tab in the left side menu to locate the device. MobileMe sends a signal to the iTouch and presents the location of the device using the standard map. Click "Satellite" or "Hybrid" in the upper-right corner to change the appearance of the map.