How to Track Text Messages Online

By Lee Buchanan

Thanks to cell phones, many people are bombarded with text messages. Not all of them are solicited or welcome. Many are just annoying, but some, such as mysterious messages to your children, can be scary. There are ways to identify the sender of an unwanted text message.

Step 1

Find a reverse cell phone directory. Several services online can identify the sender of a text message or a cell phone call you received. Some claim to be free, but they aren't. Most will allow you to perform a preliminary search that will identify the type of sender (cell phone or landline phone) and the location. But you'll have to pay if you want to learn the identity of the sender.

Step 2

Decide how often you need to identify unknown text message senders. Most services offer a one-time charge to provide the information for a single message. If you expect to use a service more than one or twice a year, consider an annual subscription.

Step 3

Consider a specialized service if you want to monitor your child's text messages. Such services offer aggressive monitoring systems that alert parents automatically when their children receive unapproved text messages or phone calls. The services also provide complete listings of all communications, including content and the senders' information.