How to Transfer a Landline to a Mobile AT&T

By Jefe Nubarron

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated that all telephone carriers must allow their customers to retain a telephone number when switching between carriers. Local Number Portability, or LNP, includes the mandate that wired telephone numbers can be ported to and from wireless carriers. It is typically possible to keep your existing telephone number when switching from a traditional landline telephone to a cell phone. There are a few exclusions between carriers. You will not completely know whether you can successfully port your old number to an AT&T Wireless until you initiate the process.

Things You'll Need

  • AT&T Mobile account
  • Copy of recent telephone bill

Step 1

Maintain service with your existing landline telephone carrier. You will not be able to port your number without existing service.

Step 2

Check with AT&T Wireless for your number transfer eligibility to ensure that you are able to port your existing landline number to their mobile service. They provide a convenient form on their website (see Resources) where you can enter the telephone number and your zip code.

Step 3

Initiate the transfer process with AT&T wireless by signing up for an account either in person, over the telephone or over the Internet. You must initiate the process with the receiving carrier, in this case AT&T Wireless, to ensure that your number is properly ported.

Step 4

Provide all necessary documentation, signatures and fees. AT&T will request documentation that shows you control the number to be ported, typically in the form of an existing bill. Sign and fax everything required and pay any fees assessed by AT&T for the porting request.

Step 5

Wait until your old landline carrier has approved the porting request. AT&T provides a form on their website where you can track the status of your porting request (see Resources).

Tips & Warnings

  • The entire number porting process can take from one day to four weeks, depending upon the carrier you port your number from and their relationship with AT&T Wireless.
  • Do not terminate service with your old landline carrier until AT&T Wireless notifies you that the porting request has succeeded and you have personally confirmed that the number routes to your new mobile phone, otherwise you may lose the number.