How to Transfer a Phone Book to Boost Mobile

By Nicole Milazzo

Your contact data may only live in your cell phone, so it is important to know how to transfer that information over if you decide to upgrade or change your phone. Since Boost Mobile is an independent company, they allow you to choose whatever phone you would like with their services. This means, there are multiple ways for you to transfer your contacts from one phone to another depending on the phones capabilities.

Step 1

Purchase a back up service by calling your current carrier before you switch over to Boost Mobile. Inquire whether they provide back-up services to allow you to transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new phone. As of October, 2010, Sprint, AT&T, and T-mobile offer you the option to back up your contacts with varying small fees.

Step 2

Transfer your SIM card. If you switch from an old Boost Mobile phone to a new Boost Mobile phone, you simply take your SIM card out of the current phone and place it in the new phone. If the phones are of different makes all of your contacts may not transfer over.

Step 3

Upload your phonebook to your computer. This option requires a USB cord, or a memory card, to connect your computer and your phone. Once you upload your phone book to your hard drive, connect your new phone to the computer and download the contacts.

Step 4

Transmit via Bluetooth if both phones are Bluetooth enabled. Most cell phones give you the option to transfer via Bluetooth without any cords or changing SIM cards.