How to Transfer a Picture from a Samsung Cell Phone to a Computer with Bluetooth

By Maya Walker

You can transfer pictures from a Samsung cell phone to a computer using one of a few different methods. Sending the pictures through a Bluetooth connection is a relatively fast way to do it. To send a picture from the Samsung cell phone to the computer using Bluetooth, you first must pair the two devices. Pairing sets up a secure connection between the cell phone and computer. Using Bluetooth to send the picture does not add charges to your cell phone bill.

Step 1

Press "OK" on the phone's home screen, then select "Settings" and "Bluetooth." Press the "Select" soft key to turn on Bluetooth. Highlight "Search for New Device," then select the computer from the list of found devices.

Step 2

Enter a PIN number when prompted on the Samsung cell phone, then enter the same PIN number on the computer. The PIN number can be any number you want. You must enter the same number on both the computer and phone.

Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on the phone, then select "My Stuff" and then "Pictures."

Step 4

Select "My Photos," then highlight the picture you want to send to the computer.

Step 5

Press the "Options" soft key, then select "Send," then "Send via Bluetooth."

Step 6

Select the computer from the list of devices, then press "Send."

Step 7

Accept the picture file on the computer, then wait for the download to complete.