How to Transfer Address Book to Blackberry Phone

By Techwalla Contributor

Transfer Address book from any phone to your Blackberry phone using tips and procedures from this article. I spent several days and nights figuring out a method to transfer address book from my Sony Ericsson w810i to Blackberry 8820. After trying various methods, I achieved success in getting all my contacts transferred with minimal efforts. I have attempted to describe the procedure here.Please rate my article according to its effectiveness. Thank you in advance.

Things You'll Need

  • Blackberry Phone.
  • Any other phone (Sony Ericsson w810i in this case)
  • Blackberry data cable.
  • Sony Ericsson data cable (Or any other phone's data cable that you are using)
  • Laptop equipped with Free ABC Amber vCard converter software and Blackberry Desktop Manager Software.

Step 1

SOURCE PHONE TO PC CONNECTIONConnect the Sony Ericsson (Or other phone) data cable to your computer on its USB port and the phone. Backup your entire address book on your computer. The file saved on the computer will mostly have a file extension ".csv" Note: You can use several methods to do this. You may use Bluetooth connection instead of wired connection. In my case I found that the Wired connection worked reliably.

Step 2

TRANSFER TO PC COMPLETEDisconnect the data cable from computer once you transfer the complete address book to your Computer. This address book file will most likely have a ".csv" extension. In my case the file name is "Whole Phonebook.vcf"

Step 3

DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ABC AMBER VCARD CONVERTERGo to the website and download and install the software ABC Amber Vcard converter. This software is required to convert the ".csv" file to a '.ipd" file recognized by Blackberry phones.Run the Setup file and Install software.

Step 4

ABC AMBER VCARD Walk throughOnce installed, open the ABC Amber Vcard application. Go to File >> Open and select the file "Whole Phonebook.vcf". Now you will see all the Names from your address book on the leftmost column. Each of these names contain respective details which you can view by double-clicking.

Step 5

CONVERSION PROCEDURESelect all the contacts - Use Shift and Mouse method. Click on the Blackberry phone application icon as circled in the Image shown. Enter a filename and save this file. This file will be saved with an extension ".ipd" which is recognized as a blackberry extension. In my case this file is "Blackberry_contacts.ipd".

Step 6

BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MANAGERConnect your blackberry phone to your computer using the supplied data cable. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager application software and Click on "Backup and Restore" link.

Step 7

STORE ADDRESS BOOK TO BLACKBERRYSelect "Restore" link to restore the file "Blackberry_contacts.ipd" file to your Blackberry. Follow the screen instructions and you are done!Close the Desktop Manager application and click on "Safely Remove" to disconnect your device from computer.You are good to go!

Tips & Warnings

  • Safely Remove all USB connected hardware.
  • While restoring contacts, Blackberry Desktop Manager DOES NOT offer a way to keep previous phone contacts. Your previous contacts will be replaced with the new contacts.