How to Transfer Minutes From One Cell Phone to Another

It is possible to transfer minutes from one phone to another using prepaid wireless service. If you decide to upgrade your prepaid cell phone, you do not have to lose the minutes that are already associated with your old phone. You can call the wireless provider's customer service or support line to assist you with the transfer. You need both phones when you call so you can provide the service representative with the information he needs to transfer the minutes.

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Call the prepaid wireless cell phone provider customer service number. The contact number is usually listed on their website under "Support" or "Contact."


Tell the customer service representative you want to transfer minutes from one phone to another. Provide the IMEI and serial numbers of the old phone and the new phone when instructed. These numbers help to identify the phones and ensure that the minutes are transferred to the right phones. The rep will help you to locate the numbers if you cannot find them.


Turn on the new phone when instructed by the rep. The rep will inform you when the transfer is complete, and you may receive a text on the new phone stating the number of minutes transferred.

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