How to Transfer Music From Motorola Phone to Phone Using Bluetooth

By Stephen A. Powell

Transferring music files between your Motorola cell phone and another used to require ingenuity. Before Bluetooth, you had to either attach the music file in an email or upload the music onto a computer and download it onto the destination device through a USB connection. Now you transfer your favorite songs to friends and coworkers through a wireless Bluetooth connection. Pair your Motorola cell phone with the destination music and Bluetooth-enabled device to get started.

Things You'll Need

  • Music and Bluetooth-enabled Motorola cell phone
  • Digital music file

Step 1

Select "Bluetooth Settings" from your Motorola phone's "Settings" menu. Open your Motorola phone's main menu. Select "Settings." Select "Wireless and Networks" from the "Settings" tab if "Bluetooth Settings" does not display. Turn Bluetooth on from this menu if it is not already active.

Step 2

Select "Scan for Devices" to search for nearby cell phones.

Step 3

Pair your Motorola cell phone with the cell phone to which you wish to transfer music. Select the destination cell phone from the ensuing list of available Bluetooth devices. Choose "OK" or enter the destination cell phone's Bluetooth passkey if prompted. Wait for the Bluetooth indicator to appear in your status bar.

Step 4

Select the music file you would like to send from your Motorola cell phone's file manager. Choose "Send" from the "Options" menu and select "via Bluetooth" from the list of transfer alternatives.

Step 5

Select the destination cell phone from the list of paired Bluetooth devices. The destination cell phone will then need to accept the transfer.