How to Transfer Photos From My iPhone to a Computer Using iCloud

By Ruri Ranbe

ICloud simplifies media sharing between your iOS device and your computer. Photo Stream, a feature of iCloud, automatically synchronizes pictures between all of your devices; if you take a photo on your iPhone, iCloud uploads that same image to a previously specified location on your PC. For this transfer to work, your must enable photo sharing on your iPhone. Enable Photo Stream on your computer from the iCloud Control Panel.

Step 1

Point to the bottom left side of the screen and right-click the "Start" tile or press "Windows-X" to open a context menu.

Step 2

Select "Control Panel" from the options, enter "iCloud" into the search field, and then select "iCloud" from the results.

Step 3

Select "Photo Stream," click "Options," check "My Photo Stream," click "Change," and then select a location to save the photos to.

Step 4

Click "OK," and then click "Apply" to set up Photo Stream on your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you haven't set up photo sharing on your iPhone, touch "Settings," select "iCloud," choose "Photo Stream," and then drag the slider next to "My Photo Stream" to "On."