How to Transfer Video From DirecTV DVR to a Mac

By Stephen Barron Jr.

The DVR has changed how we watch television. These devices allow shows to be recorded and viewed on computers. A DVR enhances the viewer's television watching experience and provides more options to watch television shows anytime is it convenient. Several DVR programs make this process easy and sell additional software with their DVR devices to download content to a user's Mac or PC computer. Other DVR manufacturers rely on third parties to create software or devices to access the hard drive of the DVR to download content. The DirectTV DVR allows for download to MAC, but through a third-party device.

Things You'll Need

  • Video and audio DVR transmitter
  • Television
  • DirectTV DVR
  • Macintosh computer (Apple)
  • FireWire cable

Transfer DirectTV DVR Recording to a Mac

Step 1

Set your DirectTV DVR to record the program that you are interested in viewing. This will allow the show you want to transfer to be recorded as a digital video file on your DVR.

Step 2

Connect the audio and video transmitter device to the "SAT Out" output on your DirectTV DVR. This device allows for a smooth and high-quality transition. Any device that will allow a streaming signal to capture the digital video from the DVR and send it to your Mac will work. There are very few devices created for this purpose on the market.

Step 3

Connect the FireWire cable from the FireWire output on the video and audio DVR transmitter device to the FireWire input on your Mac. This will allow the device that just downloaded the video file from the DVR to transfer that file in a usable form to your Mac computer for viewing.

Step 4

Check the file that is created on your Mac to make sure the video and audio transferred from the DVR to the final file now on your Mac. Sometimes video or audio can get distorted in the transfer and before the cables are disconnected a test will save time and hassle.

Step 5

Load the file in the video player installed on your Mac computer and enjoy the recorded DVR file on your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Note that this is often a process that might require a few failed attempts before all the connections are made properly and the system becomes familiar to you as you attempt to take the DirectTV DRV saved programs and view them on your Mac.
  • Make sure that you are not distributing the television programs or profiting from the sale of the DirectTV DVR downloads. Most television networks welcome DVR as the new way to enjoy their programming, but would consider it a violation of copyright law if those downloaded files were used for anything other than personal viewing of the person that downloaded the video.