How to Troubleshoot a Sansa SanDisk MP3 Player

By Brenda Priddy

A few problems can arise for users of the Sansa Sandisk MP3 player. For example, sometimes the screen freezes and locks the system. This problem is most often caused by disconnecting the player from the computer without using the “safely eject hardware” option on the desktop. Most issues with the device are simple to address and can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Connection cord
  • Screwdriver

General Troubleshooting

Step 1

Update the firmware for your Sansa MP3 player. This is the best way to ensure the player will operate as it should. Connection problems and screen problems can usually be resolved by downloading and installing the most recent firmware for your player model.

Step 2

Fix the problem of unlabeled songs on the player by adding details to song files before transferring them to the device. Change the details of a song by accessing the file on your computer. Right click on the file and click the “properties” tab. From there, select “summary” and then “advanced” tabs in the properties menu. Type in relevant information about the song.

Step 3

Correct data transfer problems by changing the format of the player. Make sure the player is set to the MSC setting. If it isn’t, go to “settings” then “format” on your MP3 player. Switch the format from MTP to MSC. This allows you to copy WMA, WAV or MP3 files directly from the computer to the player.

Frozen Screen

Step 1

Hold the “power” button on the back of the Sansa MP3 player for 20 seconds. This will often restart the unit and restore proper function.

Step 2

Reboot the player by switching the power button to the “hold” setting. Press the “menu” and "rec” buttons on the player simultaneously and hold them for 20 seconds, or until the screen restarts. This will not erase any data from the player but will restart the program.

Step 3

Complete a manual restart if none of the above methods works. Unscrew the back plate from the Sansa Sandisk MP3 player. Pop out the battery. Wait for one or two minutes. Replace the battery, back plate and screws. Turn on the player. The screen should reboot and start again. This method may erase data on the player, so use it only as a last resort.

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