How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba Projection TV

By Billy Kirk

Toshiba projection TVs, like other TVs and consumer electronics items, require work and repair from time to time in order to continue to work efficiently. The first steps to such repair is successful troubleshooting. While a number of problems may be plaguing your Toshiba TV, a few troubleshooting steps should be attempted first. Following these steps will likely alleviate your problems.

Things You'll Need

  • Magnetic coil

Step 1

Check to ensure that your TV is properly plugged in. This includes checking the power connectors on the TV and making sure none of the cables are loose, either from a wall outlet or from a surge protector. Make sure these connections are securely made before continuing with any further steps.

Step 2

Check the cables connecting your projection TV to the cable or satellite box you use in your home. Be sure to check the AV (audio/video) cables. Are they snugly attached into the back of your projection TV and into the back of the cable or satellite box? Make sure that this three-pronged wire (one white, one yellow and one red prong) are correctly hooked up into their color-corresponding ports on both the TV and your box.

Step 3

Cycle through the video input options on your TV to ensure you are in the right video mode. Different peripherals require different video modes. For example, video game systems require that you cycle through video inputs on your TV, likely to an AV 1 or AV 2 input. If this input is not switched back, you will have a dark screen and will not receiving TV signals. Press the "Input" button on your Toshiba remote to cycle through the inputs until your TV feed shows up again.

Step 4

Look closely at the face of your projection TV. Are there blotches of color or other irregularities? If so, the TV may have a magnetization problem. To alleviate this problem, use a magnetic coil and wave it in front of the TV slowly. Start at one corner and make small circles in front of the projection TV until you have waved the coil in front of the entire face of your Toshiba. Then remove the coil and see if the picture has become demagnetized and thus blotch-free. Repeat if necessary.

Step 5

Check the coaxial cable coming out of the back of your TV. Make sure it is tight and not wiggling. If it is loose, this may account for any "snowy" TV problems you have in your picture.

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