How to Troubleshoot an Apex Digital Converter Box

By Greyson Ferguson

All television signals are now digital, meaning that a digital receiver must be built into your TV set in order to view programs. Without it, the television displays just static. To work around this problem you need a digital converter box, such as an Apex converter. This takes an older TV's analog signal and converts it to digital. If, however, the converter is not functioning correctly, you need to troubleshoot the hardware in order to determine what is causing the issue.

Step 1

Move the antenna away from any metal objects. They can reflect and block television signals, preventing you from receiving a clear audio/video signal.

Step 2

Examine the audio/video cable connections running from the Apex digital converter box to the television. If these cables are not completely inserted into the connection ports, the TV is not going to receive any signals.

Step 3

Check the batteries in the remote control. If the batteries are dead, the receiver cannot change channels. Replace batteries, if necessary.

Step 4

Change channels only with the Apex remote control. The television's remote controls the channels on the TV, not the converter, so it appears as if nothing is working when using the television remote control.