How to Troubleshoot an Emerson TV/DVD

By Billy Kirk

The Emerson TV/VCR/DVD combo unit incorporates both a VCR and DVD player into the housing of the TV. This can complicate matters when it comes to repairs, and video input selections as well as demagnetization can play havoc with the Emerson TV's normal operations. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot and fix these issues even if you have no experience with Emerson TV repair.

Things You'll Need

  • External degaussing coil

Step 1

Check the cable that connects your Emerson TV/VCR/DVD combo to your cable/satellite receiver box. This composite cable comes with your receiver and has two sets of plugs, one on either side of the cable. Each set of plugs consists of one red, one white and one yellow plug. There are red, white and yellow composite ports on the back of the Emerson TV and the cable/satellite receiver. The plugs of the composite cable must be matched via their color to the ports on each device; otherwise audio and video output from the TV will fail.

Step 2

Toggle the video input on the Emerson TV/VCR/DVD combo. Different functions require a separate input to work correctly. One of the TV's inputs is assigned to television programming via the receiver, while another is assigned to the built-in VCR and still another to the DVD drive. If the wrong input is selected, there will be immediate audio and video output failure. Change the input by pressing the "Input" button on the remote control or the front face of the Emerson TV. Each time the button is pressed, an alternate input is selected. Continue pressing the button until audio and video are restored.

Step 3

Check the Emerson TV's display for any color distortions. These unsightly blotches are a result of magnetization and are common on CRT-based TVs like the Emerson TV/VCR/DVD. If you find such blotches on the screen, you will need to begin the demagnetization process.

Step 4

Find an external degaussing TV coil and turn it on as you approach the Emerson TV. Place the coil within an inch of the display and begin moving it in wide circles so that you affect the entire screen with the coil. A rainbow effect on the display will let you know it is working.

Step 5

Take a step back and continue waving the coil. Proceed back while still waving the coil until the rainbow effect on the screen disappears. The Emerson TV will be successfully demagnetized.