How to Troubleshoot an Explorer 8300HD DVR

By Nick Davis

The Explorer 8300HD DVR (digital video recorder) lets you record television programs and movies without using videotapes or DVDs. The set-top box, used by cable television providers, contains a hard drive for storing programs; the ability to decode and display high-definition signals; and a universal remote control for managing your television, DVD player, VCR and other devices part of your home entertainment system. The Explorer 8300HD DVR is not without its problems, including sound not being transmitted and a blank picture with sound.

Not Displaying a Picture or No Color

Step 1

Check that your television is plugged in and “On.” Check that the set-top box is also plugged in and “On.”

Step 2

Check that the Explorer 8300HD DVR's cables are plugged into the correct ports on the back of your television. If using a VCR or DVD player along with the set-top box, check that the device is properly connected. If using a VCR, press the “TV/VCR” switch to toggle between input selections. If this setting is on “VCR,” you may not receive a signal from the set-top box.

Step 3

Press the “Menu” or “Setup” button on your television's remote control or front display. Check that the signal receiving setting is on “Cable” so the output from the set-top box is being transmitted to your television.

Step 4

Press the “Guide” and “Info” buttons on the front of the Explorer 8300HD DVR. Press the “A” icon on the set-top box's remote control to access the HDTV settings.

Step 5

Verify the screen type and resolution settings are the same as your television's settings (navigate your television's “Menu” selections to obtain the resolution settings for your television).Press the "Power" button to exit the HDTV settings menu.

Step 6

Check that the television program or movie is supposed to be in color. Turn your television and the Explorer 8300HD DVR “Off” then “On” again to quickly reset both devices.

No Sound

Step 1

Verify your television's volume control is not on “Mute.” Verify the Explorer 8300HD DVR's volume control is not on “0.”

Step 2

Check that the Explorer 8300HD DVR's audio cables are plugged into the correct ports on the back of your television.

Step 3

Turn your television and the set-top box “Off” then “On” again, especially if both devices have been on overnight. Your cable provider sends updates throughout the night. These updates can freeze your set-top box and cause it to act erratically.

Exiting Power-Save Mode

Step 1

Turn on your television, if it is off.

Step 2

Press the “CBL” and “Power” buttons together on your Explorer 8300HD DVR's remote control.

Step 3

Press the “Ch” button to change the channel on the set-top box to view the programs. The Power-Save Mode is a setting your Explorer 8300HD DVR goes into each night to conserve energy. During Power-Save Mode, you won't see a picture or hear any sound being transmitted from the set-top box.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also unplug both your television and your Explorer 8300HD DVR for one minute and then plug the devices back in to perform a hard reset. A hard reset clears problems including the devices not responding and acting erratically. Your set-top box will take a few minutes to restart.