How to Troubleshoot an HDMI Mitsubishi TV

By Art Corvelay

HDMI TVs are increasingly becoming the standard for anyone purchasing a new television. Mitsubishi is a major manufacturer of HDMI TVs. Like any other electronic device, Mitsubishi HDMI TVs are susceptible to technical problems. You can troubleshoot some common problems with your Mitsubishi HDMI TV by following a few steps.

Step 1

Perform a hard reset on your television if you are experiencing problems with no video or audio. To do this, simply turn off the TV, disconnect the power cord, wait 1 minute and reconnect the power cord.

Step 2

Check the video cable and make sure that it is properly connected from the television to your receiver. HDTVs allow users to use multiple types of cables, including HDMI cables and component cables. The HDMI cable has both video and audio built into one input. The component cable separates video and audio, with video usually being the yellow cable.

Step 3

Check the audio cable to make sure that is properly connected from the television to your receiver. If you are using component cables, the audio cables are usually red and white.

Step 4

Change the settings on your television receiver to enable high definition if you are not experiencing high-definition video. To do this, navigate to the video menu of your receiver and select the resolution of your television. High definition resolutions range from 480 to 1080 p.

Step 5

Be sure you are using cables that support high-definition video and audio. It is recommended that you use HDMI cables. See Additional Resources for a link to purchase HDMI cables.

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