How to Troubleshoot an Olevia TV

Olevia TVs are made by Emerson Electronics. They make 32 and 42-inch liquid crystal displays (LCD) models. This makes them lighter and easier to move. When a problem occurs with your Olevia TV, use the instruction manual that comes with the TV to become familiar with your TV's functions. It will tell you how to adjust the brightness, contrast and replace the batteries among other tips and guides.

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Check that the HDMI cable that connects a Blu-ray player or a video system to the TV is firmly secured to the TV's HDMI port. If it is not firmly connected, the picture will be pixelated.


Replace the AAA batteries inside the remote if the remote fails to operate. The TV comes with AAA batteries, but they may not last very long. Remove the remote's battery panel, located on the backside of the remote. Remove the old batteries, and replace with new ones. Be sure to match the positive (+) and negative (-) leads to the diagram listed inside the remote. Close the lid when finished.


Adjust the TV's contrast and brightness if the colors are not correct. Click "Menu" on the Olevia's remote. Select "Picture." Go into "Brightness" and "Contrast" individually, and adjust the settings until the screen looks best to you.

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