How to Troubleshoot an RCA DVD Player

By Kelly Bennett Seiler

RCA is no longer producing or selling its individual DVD players. Many people, however, already have them and some units are still available at certain websites. There are a few common troubleshooting solutions that work for most of the existing RCA DVD players.

Step 1

Wait 15 seconds after you have inserted the DVD into the player if you are having problems ejecting the disc. The DVD system takes about this amount of time to read the disc and determine the disc type. If the DVD will still not eject, check to see if the Tray Lock feature has been activated. If this is the case, "Lock" will show on the display on the front of the unit. Hold down the "Stop" button on the front of the unit and then hold down the "Open/close" button (also on the front of the unit) simultaneously. Wait 3 seconds before releasing both buttons. The disc should eject at this point.

Step 2

Try to play another disc if the picture is distorted or fuzzy or it "jumps" during disc play. If this does not solve your problem, your DVD player may be in progressive scan video mode. Press the HDMI button to select the view and select the various mode choices. If your TV has progressive scan, slight jumping of the disc is normal when you first begin to play it.

Step 3

Check to make sure all cables are connected properly if you don't have any sound or the sound is distorted. If this is not your problem, readjust the Audio setting on your DVD player. Go into your setup menu and select "A/V Output." Make sure you haven't selected DTS if your DVD player isn't connected to a DTS-capable receiver. Likewise, make sure you you have selected DTS audio if you are using DTS. Also make sure that you choose the correct input setting on your receiver if you have connected an audio receiver to your DVD player.

Step 4

Tune your TV to the Video Input Channel that corresponds to the jacks you used to connect the TV to the DVD player if you are getting no picture or your TV displays "Unusual Signal" or "Insufficient Video Signal." If this does not work, make sure you halt any DVDs by pressing the "Stop" button and check the "Prog Scan" switch on the back of your DVD unit to see that it is in the off position. Also make sure your satellite or cable box is turned on.

Step 5

Wipe any condensation off any DVDs you have with a soft, dry cloth if the disc or player are not operating correctly. When there are sharp changes in humidity and temperature, condensation may form when the DVD player's cold internal parts come in contact with warm air. If cleaning the disc does not work, leave the DVD player at room temperature until the inside of the player becomes dry and once again operational.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check manufacturer recommendations before making any adjustments to your RCA DVD player.

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