How to Troubleshoot Sound Delay on an AT&T U-Verse HDTV

By David Lipscomb

AT&T’s U-verse service includes a variety of digital solutions, carrying broadband Internet, high definition television and telephony over your existing phone line. However, one glitch remains persistent. Lip sync delays are often present over an HDMI cable. AT&T has acknowledged that the HDMI chipset in the U-verse decoder box hardware causes this issue, and not the cables themselves. You can troubleshoot and correct this problem by changing your connection types.

Things You'll Need

  • Component video cable
  • Optical cable

Step 1

Access the back of the U-verse box. Locate the HDMI cable plugged into the corresponding port.

Step 2

Remove the HDMI cable from the U-verse decoder box and television or audio video receiver. Find the red, blue and green component video jacks on the back panel. Plug a set of component cables into these jacks.

Step 3

Find the optical output jack on the rear of the U-verse box. This is indicated by a black or red door, labeled "DIG." Plug an optical cable into this port.

Step 4

Plug the optical cable into the television or audio/video receiver's optical input, matching the shape and type of jack.

Step 5

Insert the other ends of the component video cable into the matching set of inputs on the television. Turn on the set, U-verse box and A/V receiver, if present. Your lip sync issues should be resolved.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some audio/video receivers have built-in lip sync correction for such instances. Seek one out if swapping for component video is unacceptable, and AT&T U-verse cannot help.