How to Troubleshoot the Rear Projection Green Screen of a Sony LCD TV

By Greyson Ferguson

On a rear projection LCD Sony television, the color palette is broken down into three different colors: red, blue and green. The colors mixed together possess the capabilities of creating all the necessary colors on the TV. However, if the green screen option on the television begins to act up, the image of the entire TV looks "off" (such as all skin tones looking extremely green, or no green at all appearing in the picture). You can correct this problem by troubleshooting a few different options on your Sony set.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony LCD TV
  • Sony TV remote control

Step 1

Power on the Sony LCD TV and press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote control.

Step 2

Select "Picture" and all the TV's picture options appear on the screen. Scroll through the initial list and select "Hue." The color controls the red and greed aspect of the image. Slide the option towards red if the green in your image is too strong. However, if you can't see any green in the picture slide the "Hue" option towards green.

Step 3

Return to the main picture menu (press "Return") and select "Advanced picture settings." Once on the screen chose select "White Balance." This controls the amount of white that appears on the screen when a specific color is present." If the white balance is off for the green tones all of the white objects appear slightly green (a white wall or piece of paper appears green).

Step 4

Highlight "Green Balance." Move the green balance option to "Max" if the whiteness of the screen is green when green is the primary color on the screen. Set the option to "Min" if the screen is too bright during a primarily green screen. Although the amount of "levels" can vary for some television, you usually have a range of "0" (min) to "100" (Max).

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