How to Troubleshoot the Volume on an LCD TV

By Stephen Lilley

There are a number of things that could cause the volume on an LCD television set to malfunction. This is especially true if you have other devices hooked up to the TV, like DVD players or digital cable television boxes. Whatever the reason, you can quickly verify the settings on your LCD TV and have your volume performing exactly the way you want it to in no time at all.

Step 1

Make sure there are working batteries in the remote control for your LCD television set. Ensure the proper sized batteries are inserted correctly in the device. Also try replacing the batteries; if their charge has dissipated they won't be able to power the remote and adjust the volume on your TV.

Step 2

Make sure your LCD television set is not "muted." Though trying to manually adjust the volume will typically remove the "mute" on a TV's volume, certain models will remain muted until you manually shut it off. Press the "Mute" button on your LCD television set's remote control and then try adjusting the volume again.

Step 3

Make sure the volume isn't turned all the way down on your source device, like a DVD player, Blu-Ray player or digital cable television box. Those settings will affect the volume on your LCD television set. Adjust the volume on the audio source until it reaches the proper level, then try adjusting the volume on the television set again.

Step 4

Try to watch different channels to see if there is actually a problem with your LCD television set, or just a problem with the channel you were watching. Certain channels have louder or softer audio than others, so the normal settings of a channel may be misinterpreted as a problem with the television set itself.

Step 5

Make sure your audio sources are properly hooked up. Any external device you connect to your LCD television set is going to need to be connected to the set via audio and video cables. Make sure these cables are securely plugged into both devices. If they are not, your TV will not be able to properly receive audio signals, which will result in the volume issues.