How to Troubleshoot Touch-Screen Phone Problems

By Jessica Frame

Touch-screen phones can encounter different problems, as any electronic device can, but the most common problem is that the touch screen does not function properly, or at all. Fixing the touch screen on a phone can be easy for someone comfortable troubleshooting phone problems, or may need attention from the phone' s manufacturer in order to correct the problem. Troubleshooting certain problems with your phone's touch screen can save you time and money.

Things You'll Need

  • Electronic cleaning cloth
  • Screen protector

Step 1

Clean the touch screen on the phone with an electronics cleaning cloth or wipe. Dirt, dust and oils from your fingertips can collect on the screen, making it unresponsive or desensitized to your finger's touch. Clean the screen in a circular motion.

Step 2

Eliminate any bubbles under the screen protector. You can do this by removing the screen protector and then reapplying it, going from the top of the screen to the bottom or vice versa.

Step 3

Remove the screen protector and do not place the protector back on the touch screen. Screen protectors are made for protecting a touch screen, but sometimes the protectors make the touch screen less responsive to your finger touch or even altogether unresponsive.

Step 4

Power off the touch screen phone if the touch screen stops working when a new program is opened. This isn't a problem with the touch screen, but a problem with the software trying to load or open on the phone. Some programs can slow response time with the touch screen or may not respond to it at all.