How to Turn a Cell Phone Into a Microphone

By Joseph Rodriguez

Cell phones provide a mobile form of fast communication to people across the globe. While such devices have transformed the way we communicate with colleagues, family and friends, cell phones have developed into multitasking mechanisms, providing new tools to achieve a wide array of tasks. By using specialized software on Web-accessible phones, it is possible to turn your device into a remotely controlled microphone.

Things You'll Need

  • Web-accessible cell phone
  • Monitoring software

Step 1

Download and install a monitoring program on your Web-accessible cellular device. Such software can often be found by searching your model's application server on the phone itself, or via computer.

Step 2

Enter the six-digit phone number you plan to call the remote device from into the software's Web page. Click "Save" and close the browser.

Step 3

Test the installation by calling the remote device from the phone number you entered. The remote phone should not ring or light up. Hold the non-remote receiver to your ear to make sure sound is transmitting properly.

Step 4

Mute the headset or receiver on the remote device to prevent accidental noise amplification.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use such setups without proper permission because it may violate wiretapping laws.