How to Turn a Photo on Facebook

By Aaron Wein

After uploading dozens of photos to your brand new Facebook album, you might be frustrated to find several incorrectly oriented shots. Facebook includes some minor photo editing tools to help solve this problem. So long as you have uploaded the photo, Facebook gives you the power to properly rotate your shots to keep everything framed correctly. So if you find an upside-down shot of you posing in front of the Grand Canyon, you can promptly fix the error using Facebook's built-in controls.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2

Click your profile photo at the top-left corner to view your profile page.

Step 3

Click "Photos" below your profile picture. Your albums appear.

Step 4

Open the album containing the photo you wish to rotate and navigate to the photo.

Step 5

Click the rotation arrows at the bottom-right corner of the photo to turn the picture. The photo saves after each rotation.