How to Turn Off a Philips GoGear

By John Smith

Philips has a line of portable music players that use flash memory or small hard drives. These music players, known as their GoGear line, do not require any specific software to transfer music. You simply drag songs to the hard drive and let them copy. If the GoGear device is disconnected from the computer before it finishes syncing the music files, it may get stuck and refuse to turn off. You can always reset the device and turn it off again if this happens. The next time you use it, however, just be sure to wait until the music fully syncs.

Step 1

Disconnect your GoGear player from your computer. Right-click on the USB icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and select "Safely Remove Hardware."

Step 2

Agree to remove the device and wait until you are told that it is safe to remove it. Unplug your GoGear player from your computer.

Step 3

Push and hold the power slider to the "Off" position. After several seconds, you will see "Bye" appear on the screen and the GoGear device will shut off.

Step 4

Insert a thin object like a paper clip or pin into the "Reset" button on your GoGear device. This is only needed if the device is frozen after trying to upload songs and will not turn off normally.

Step 5

Wait for the device to restart, then push and hold the "Off" button until you see the "Bye" message.