How to Turn Off Closed-Captioning on an Olevia TV

By Andrew Smith

Closed-captioning on Olevia television sets is an extremely convenient setting for individuals who are hard of hearing. If your hearing is fine or if you simply want to ignore the words being spoken on a TV program, you may wish to completely remove the closed-captioning from the screen of the Olevia TV. Before you can try to turn off closed-captioning on the TV, however, you must make sure the television settings can be altered on your set.

Step 1

Turn the Olevia TV on.

Step 2

Disable "Showroom Mode" on the TV. When "Showroom Mode" is enabled, settings such as closed-captioning cannot be changed. Press "Menu" on the Olevia remote. Use the arrows on the remote to highlight "Picture" on the screen. Press "Enter." Press the "Down" arrow to highlight "Picture." Press "Enter." Highlight "Mode" and press "Enter." Highlight "Power Up." Press "Enter." Highlight "Home" and press "Enter." Showroom mode is turned off. Press the "Menu" button continuously until all of the menu boxes close. Skip to step 3 if "Showroom Mode" is already disabled.

Step 3

Press the "CC" button on the remote. The different closed-captioning options appear on the screen.

Step 4

Press "CC" once more. Closed captioning is turned off.