How to Turn on Sony Cordless Stereo Headphones MDR-IF0230

By Whitney Houston

The Sony MDR-IF0230 cordless stereo headphones are supplied with and can only be used with both the KV-32FV27 and KV-36FV27 model Sony FD Trinitron WEGA TVs. The headphones allow you to quickly connect wirelessly to your TV at the press of a button and to enjoy your programs in private without disturbing anyone. After the TV is installed and hooked up, you'll need to activate the headset.

Things You'll Need

  • AA battery

Step 1

Press the battery chamber cover with your fingers and slide it down to open it. Insert a single AA battery into the headphone battery chamber with the positive end facing out. Replace the cover and snap it closed.

Step 2

Push the "Headphones" button, which is marked by a headphones icon on the remote control to activate the wireless MDR-IF0230. The headphones icon and channel number will appear at the top of the TV display.

Step 3

Place the headphones over your head with a headphone covering each ear to activate and turn on the headphones. A power indicator light on the side of the headphones will illuminate. The sound from the TV will flow through the headphones, providing there are no large physical dividers between the headphones and the TV.

Step 4

Twist the "Vol" dial on the side of the headphones to adjust the volume up or down.