How to Turn Up the Volume on a TracFone

By Herman Cruz

TracFone Wireless is a considerably large cell phone provider in the United States with more than 17 million subscribers. It enables you to get a mobile device without a contract, and its coverage includes 99.6 percent of the cellular populations. With TracFone you can get a variety of mobile devices, including phones from leading manufacturers such as Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Kyocera. The pay-as-you-go phones offered by TracFone enable you to adjust various features, including increasing the volume. Although TracFone devices are made by different companies, this task is similar with every device.

Step 1

Make a call to a friend or relative.

Step 2

Press the "Up" arrow located on the side or the front of your TracFone device, depending on the make. Do this as you are conversing with the person you called. This will increase the volume of your device's earphone. In other words, the voice of the person you called will become louder.

Step 3

Hang up the phone. Turn ringer (ringtone) volume up by pressing the "Up" arrow displayed on the side or front of your device, depending on its make. Unlike the voice volume, the ringer volume is turned up when you are not on a call.