How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Spy Cam

By Jason Gabriel

For whatever reason, you may wish to set up a hidden video camera. This may be for purposes of surveillance or for general monitoring of equipment or other objects. Actual recording cameras will be very expensive. Fortunately, you cell phone can be used as a recording camera, and cell phones are generally small enough to go unnoticed.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone with video camera and recording capability

Step 1

Read your phone's documentation. Find the section regarding the phone's video camera and how to operate it and use the recording capability.

Step 2

Start up the phone's video camera.

Step 3

Set the resolution and zoom on the camera. Note that using a lower resolution will use up less data space, allowing for a longer recording period.

Step 4

Place the phone in a hidden location.

Step 5

Orient the camera as you desire.

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