How to Unlock a Cellcom Phone

Cellcom, a subsidiary of Nsight Corporation, is the biggest cell phone service provider in Wisconsin. Cellcom issues many cell phone models, and each phone has a unique unlocking code. The term unlocking also is referred to as unblocking carrier restrictions. Since it is now legal to unlock or unblock your Cellcom phone, users are searching for their options.

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Contact Cellcom and request that the company unlock your cellphone. Scan your contract with Cellcom beforehand to determine if there are clauses that prohibit unblocking your phone. Call Cellcom toll free at 800-236-4000 or locally in Wisconsin at 920-339-4000.


Purchase legal software that is designed to unlock your Cellcom phone (see References for choices). You will need this software only if Cellcom will not unlock your phone as a courtesy. Download this software directly using the USB cable that accompanies your cell phone. Your phone will be unlocked once you complete the download and follow the instructions provided. Remember to charge your cell phone battery before the download to prevent any interruptions.


Alternately, obtain your unlock code for your specific Cellcom phone (see References for options). In some instances, this code is called a PUK or Pin Unblock Key and is a series of numbers. You will input this code or number into your cell phone and follow the prompts.

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