How to Unlock a Motorola CE0168

By Jack Pudwell

Cell phones may be locked for a variety of reasons, especially when purchased through secondhand or unofficial sources, but just a quick call to your cell phone's service provider or a brief online search will grant you an unlock code, enabling you to access your Motorola CE0168 in an instant.

Things You'll Need

  • Motorola CE0168 cell phone

Step 1

Call your service provider and ask for a new unlock code. It is probable that the representative will ask you some personal details and for your IMEI code, so have these ready before you make the call. To access your IMEI code simply key in "*#06#" to your cell (without the quotation marks). In the unlikely event that the representative refuses to give you a new unlock code, there are other options available to you.

Step 2

Browse online for websites that offer unlock codes. Some of these will charge for the service of giving you a new code, but there is no guarantee the code will work. Unlock-Zone, CellCorner and MobileUnlock are a handful of website that offer reliable service, according to customer reviews. Many sites offer codes for free, which may be a safer option for those not wanting to part with money for a service that may prove unusable.

Step 3

Input your new unlock code into your Motorola CE0168 as instructed by your cell carrier, or as instructed by the unlocking website that you gained your code from. If you have purchased the code from one of the aforementioned sites, it will email you with direct instructions on how to input the code into your phone.