How to Unlock a Net 10 Phone

Net10 phones can be locked and unlocked to protect your valuable information. This option can provide security if you use your phone for work related purposes or have confidential information stored on your phone that you do not want others to access. The Net10 phones allows users to unlock their phone with a lock code. This also helps to prevent accidental phone calls, and accidental use of valuable minutes.

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Unlock your Net10 phone when you want to use it.


Access the number keyboard on your Net10 phone.


Enter your lock code into the Net10 phone. The default lock code is usually one of two things; either the numbers "0000" or the last four digits of your cell phone's number. Check your user manual to see which option goes with your phone.


Press the "OK" button on your Net10 phone. This is usually located in the center of the menu buttons. Your Net10 phone is now unlocked and ready to use.

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