How to Unlock a Truflat RCA TV

By Mandy Slake

RCA Truflat television sets are capable of locking the buttons on the front panel and blocking content parents don't want their kids to see. If you need to disable the parental controls, you can turn them off through the television's menu system. Depending on what kind of lock is enabled, the "MENU" key on the front may not work. If "MENU" is disabled, you will need to use a remote control to disable the lock.

Step 1

Press the "MENU" button to open the main menu. If the "MENU" button on the TV doesn't respond, use the "MENU" key on the remote control.

Step 2

Scroll to "Parental Controls" and open the menu. If you don't see Parental Controls on the main menu, check under the "Special" or "Channel" menus.

Step 3

Enter your pass code if you have parental controls enabled. If you did not set a code, the default code is "0000."

Step 4

Set "Channel Blocking" and "Front Panel Lock" to off.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the "MENU" key on the TV is locked and you have lost your original remote, purchase a universal remote.
  • Some TVs call the button lock "Child Lock."