How To Unlock an Alltel Cell Phone

By Paul Dohrman

To switch your phone from the Alltel network to another carrier, you’d need to switch out the network-specific chip in the battery compartment. If your phone is locked, it can’t take calls with a different carrier’s chip. You’d need an unlock code to unlock the phone first. This is a separate matter from the mandatory time period before your contract frees you to change networks.

Things You'll Need

  • Unlock code

Step 1

Open the home page at Mobile Unlocked, GSM Liberty, UnlockScope or My Unlock Code. See "Resources" section. Each is a pay site.

Step 2

Select your phone’s manufacturer (not the network) and then its model number from the drop-down menu or model list. My Unlock Code requires you to search on the model number.

Step 3

Remove your phone’s battery. Look in the compartment for the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. The site you chose will need it to generate an unlock code. The IMEI also tips the site off if you have a stolen phone.

Step 4

Put the battery back in and type the unlock code into your keypad while in phone mode. The code site will email it to you within a few hours. For example, enter “A5346J Send” on your keypad as 253465. Then “send” the code into the phone by pressing the Call/Talk button.

Step 5

Take the battery back out and swap your new network’s (SIM) chip for Alltel’s.

Step 6

Test it by making a call. If you get a SIM or chip error message, repeat Steps 4 and 5 a few times. If the code still won’t work, contact the site that mailed it to you so they can rectify it.