How to Unlock Phones for Cricket

By Michaele Curtis

Whether your contact is up or you're just unhappy with your service, there may come a time when you want to switch mobile service providers. Many mobile customers are looking to the smaller mobile companies for cheaper pricing and more flexibility. Cricket Wireless is one of the smaller mobile companies offering an alternative to the bigger companies like Verizon and Sprint.

Step 1

Ensure that your non-Cricket mobile phone is code division multiple access (CDMA) compatible by checking the user guide or consulting your current mobile service provider.

Step 2

Locate a non-corporate Cricket Wireless dealer near you. (See Resources below.) Call the store and ask if they have the ability to flash a non-Cricket phone to Cricket service.

Step 3

Take your non-Cricket phone to the Cricket Wireless store you located in step 1. Pay the flashing fee and new account activation fee. Pricing can vary.

Step 4

Call your old mobile service provider to cancel your service account. Fees may vary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Corporate Cricket Wireless stores are not allowed to use the flash program on your non-Cricket phone. On the other hand, a non-corporate store usually has the technology to help you. If you can’t find a Cricket store near you, download the flash program and instructions from an online retailer that specializes in flashing mobile phones.
  • Cricket Wireless only supports calling and text messaging features on non-Cricket phones. If you would like to use all of the features and services available through Cricket Wireless, you should buy a Cricket Wireless phone.