How to Unlock Touch Screen Cell Phones

By Louise Balle

The main purpose of placing a keypad lock on a cell phone is to prevent accidental dialing or "pocket dialing." Touch screen cell phones are sleek and easy to navigate, but are also particularly sensitive to this issue. If you don't want people snooping in your cell phone, you can set an unlock password as well, to keep your information private. So when you're getting the hang of your new touch screen cell phone, make sure you take a minute to learn how to unlock it to access your messages and options quickly.

Step 1

Press the touch screen once or twice to get it to illuminate so that you can see the unlocking option. On some models you might have to press a side button or the power button once to pull up the "Unlock" screen.

Step 2

Touch the "Unlock" or similar button on the touch screen.

Step 3

Type in your password if you've set one for the phone. Some cell phones just require you to press a series of buttons on the touch screen or accompanying keypad to confirm that you want to unlock the phone.

Step 4

Press "Enter" to unlock the cell phone, which allows you to access your messages and menu options.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place a screen protector on your touch screen cell phone to reduce wear and tear.
  • Some cell phones only allow you to attempt to enter your password a few times before locking up for good. You then have to bring the phone in for servicing to restore access. So pick a password that you won't soon forget, or write it down somewhere safe if you can't remember it offhand.