How to Unmute a Phone

By Stephanie Steensma

Telephones come equipped from the manufacturer with a mute option. When turned on, the mute function essentially turns off the headset microphone so the party on the other end cannot hear what you are saying. You can activate the mute function through a button on the side of the telephone, on the keypad of the telephone or on the touch screen if the phone is equipped with one. Turning mute on and off follows the same procedure.

Step 1

Locate the "Mute" button or key on the telephone. Most "Mute" buttons are located on the side or as part of the standard keys on the telephone. In some instances, the mute button has a picture of a microphone with a line through it, indicating the microphone turns off when the button or key is pushed.

Step 2

Push, or touch if using a touchscreen model, the "Mute" button. This will turn the mute function off on the phone. Typically, a phone that is on mute will display the word "mute" on the screen, though some models indicate this with a light.

Step 3

Confirm mute is no longer on by looking at the display. If the word "mute" is no longer showing, or the indicator light is off, you successfully unmuted the phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the microphone on the telephone is not collecting sound and the phone is not muted, consult the retailer or manufacturer. This may be a sign of faulty equipment.
  • Sometimes the mute function does not work properly, allowing others to hear what is said. Always make sure it is working before saying something you do not want others to hear.