How to Update the Netflix Player

By Sara Hickman

Whether you want to watch Netflix on your computer or streaming device, you must manage your Netflix queue online. Updating your instant queue will allow your player to stream the films and TV shows you want to see. To do so, add items that intrigue you and remove others. Based on your activity, Netflix will even suggest titles that may be of interest.

Step 1

Log into your Netflix account with your email address and password. Click "Watch Instantly" to view titles that are available online.

Step 2

Run your mouse over the title and choose "Add to Instant Queue."

Step 3

Click "Your Queue" followed by "Instant" from the top menu to view the listed items. Click the "X" to the right of a title under "Remove" to delete the item from your queue.

Step 4

Type a number in the box on the left of titles on the instant queue if you wish to rearrange the queue. Once you have the items in the order you want them, click "Update" at the top of the page. Your queue is then reordered.

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