How to Upload a Mixtape to DatPiff

By Paul Higgins

DatPiff is a website which allows its users to upload and share mixtapes containing original material. A mixtape is an audio file which contains a series of songs mixed together. If you wish to promote your music, you can upload your own mixtape to DatPiff by creating an account and using a specific procedure to upload the file.

Step 1

Create a DatPiff account by entering your personal details in the registration form at If you already have a DatPiff account, log in to your account.

Step 2

Click on the "My Files" tab. DatPiff may require you to supply additional data about yourself. If that is the case, fill in the form and wait for DatPiff to finish approving your account.

Step 3

Select "Upload Mixtape," locate the audio file on your hard drive by using the file browser and click on "Upload" to add the mixtape to your account.